A year structure is suggested for the first and second year Mtech students and overlaps will happen with Btech management (housing) and various other courses in the undergraduate programme in architecture as well as faculty-wide collaborations.

Being cyclical in nature, the design process will require that students visit and re-visit the various stages of the project development suggested in the set programme. Students will have to carefully manage this process.

The unit coordinators, supervisors and mentors will greatly assist in this process and managing the relationship with these people is considered to be one of the main responsibilities of the students during the course of the year.

The design process is not a linear process. The presented year structure, milestones and critical dates are merely a suggested structure, which Will not be “enforced” though it comes highly recommended to be able to meet the deliverables required for this degree. In the 2nd year of the Mtech masters programme, the students need to demonstrate that they Are “moving forward” towards a resolved architectural project, however, the route they take may differ from the one presented.

2015-2017 IN CONTEXT