A bi-annual journal issued by the Department of Town and Regional Planning and the Department of Architecture, University of Johannesburg

Vision and Mission:

The South African Journal for the Built Environment (SAJBE) is an academic journal concerned with the state of human settlements in South Africa. SAJBE intends to meaningfully contribute to critical debates on South African space and built form. The journal aims to explore the interface between the various built environment professions and to enhance the role of the built environment professions in the achievement of human settlements that are more equitable, more beautiful and more functional – human settlements that increase peoples’ opportunities, offering people a better chance at improving their lives and livelihoods.

The journal will explore technical, social, cultural, policy and economic issues and contribute to the development of spatial expertise towards the enhancement of economic, social and environmental sustainability. The journal will be uniquely South African in focus, however, the issues will have resonance for the rest of Africa and globally.

The SAJBE is significant as it intends to shed light on the importance of active engagement between the built environment professions and various stakeholders in housing and human settlements, subscribing to alternative approaches to development and professionalism and a belief that innovation occurs at the interface between the different professions.

In South Africa, the built environment professions remain largely untransformed and disengaged from issues of spatial transformation. This needs to change: we need to re-think the way in which the built environment is conceived, designed and delivered. The SAJBE will aim to promote thinking on alternative strategies for design, funding and delivery of housing and human settlements.

Launch: July 2015