Unit 2 is based on the understanding that the Built Environment comes into existence and transforms as a social/physical ecosystem in which neighbourhoods and buildings are never finished, but rather transform part by part. This unit links strongly with current international trends in thinking and also resonates strongly with present-day South African concerns. Unit 2 offers an exceptional opportunity to engage with an international network of thinkers/practitioners in the field of Open Building, Urbanism and Human Settlements.

UJ_UNIT 2 (ARCHITECTURE & AGENCY : DESIGN \ MAKE \TRANSFROM) is one of three units offered at post-graduate level by the Architecture Department at the Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture (FADA) at the University of Johannesburg. This unit is developed under the umbrella of the FADA DSD Desis Lab. It is also linked to an NRF/UJ funded research project titled “Harnessing Innovation in the service of sustainable human settlements: investigations into the 4th dimension of design.” This unit has many links with various national and international partners which are presented in the ARCHITECTURE AND AGENCY section of the website.

“Indeed, one of the aims of this Unit is to demonstrate that Open Building is highly relevant to South Africa – and that South Africa may become the pioneer for Open Building in developing countries.”


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